Interview with Daniel Blanchard


In your opinion, what are the most important challenges that VALORES has to face?

Daniel Blanchard : I think our most important resource is our people. We have a young, dynamic and motivated team. In our field of activity, it is important to value scientific rigour from the start to the end of the work chain. We need to clearly define our objectives, repeat them often and communicate how, together, this team of about fifty employees can face challenges and develop creative, useful and practical solutions for the industry.

Valorēs' slogan is Putting Science to Work. What does this mean for you?

Daniel Blanchard : Putting Science to work is a guarantee for the future. Our institute helps secure the future of our communities through innovation, research and our commitment to sustainable development. Valorēs allows our businesses, our customers, to become greener, but also more competitive by recovering more products and discarding less residue.

What talents do you think are important for the future of Valorēs? 

Daniel Blanchard : More than ever, the success of Valorēs depends on our flexibility and our creativity as a company. The projects we undertake with industry constantly enrich our skills and lead our institute to offer a wider range of solutions for our clients. 

We are also concerned with developing a culture of rigour within our team and being able to constantly assess our performance. These efforts are useful for each of our employees, it strengthens them as a professional and it ensures the highest quality service to our customers.

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