Applied Research: For the industry

Fisheries and marine by-products

HARVEST: Fishing and marine products

Quality and efficiency from sea to plate

Valorēs supports your efforts to manage the resource from the sea to the plate and to maximize the quality and freshness of your product. Whether it's crab, shrimp or redfish, we help you solve the challenges of quality, storage and transportation to the consumer. 
Valorēs relies on a team of applied science researchers and technologists who provide industry expertise and training. Our research and innovation services can intervene at each stage of production to enhance and increase the yield of your production.

PROCESSING: a matter of efficiency

Maximize yield, minimize losses

Valorēs not only helps the industry to certify the quality of its production, but also to develop new opportunities around your by-products. Better use of the resource will ensure the viability of your business, meet growing government requirements and guarantee sustainable growth for your business.

In addition to the ability to issue independent certification, our team offers advisory services on equipment and production performance.

INNOVATION: Pre-industrial dryer; drier, lighter, longer

Our new pre-industrial dryer opens up a whole new range of possibilities for your business. This new process extends shelf life, preserves nutritional qualities, reduces weight and creates new outlets for your products and by-products. 
The inauguration of a new pre-industrial dryer will open the door to new business opportunities.