Lists of analysis

Our techniques and our employees are regularly evaluated to maintain our accreditation. Our quality system is accredited by CALA (Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation) in accordance with ISO 17025. This is the link to our scope of accreditation
We perform analysis on a range of different matrices including: drinking water, waste water, drainage water, salt water, food products, environmental swabs, peat products, oils, fats, marine products and by-products, soil and more.

Among the general analysis that we regularly do for our customers:

Microbiology Analisis

  • Total aerobic bacteria
  • Heterotrophic count
  • Total coliforms
  • Fecal coliforms
  • E. coli
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Yeasts and molds
  • Listeria spp. - detection and identification
  • Listeria monocytogens - detection and counting
  • Salmonella spp. - detection and confirmation
  • Staphylococcus aureus - detection and counting


  • Free fatty acids
  • Ammonia (NH3-N)
  • Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (ABVT)
  • Total nitrogen Kjeldahl (TKN)
  • % Ashes
  • % Chitin
  • Conductivity
  • Biological oxygen demand (DBOC5)
  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Germination
  • Granulometry
  • % Humidity
  • P-anisidine index
  • Peroxide index
  • Fat (Oils and fats)
  • pH
  • Total phosphorus
  • Crude protein
  • Salinity
  • % Salt (% NaCl)
  • Total Solids (ST), Total Suspended Solid (SST), Total Dissolved Solids (SDS)


We also do more specialized analysis

  • Semi-volatile organic compounds 
  • Volatile organic compounds 
  • Astaxanthin and its isomers