Valorēs, everyday applied science

Here is what we are working on and various projects that fill our days.

Since 2003, the VALORĒS Research Institute has been working on a lobster hatchery and stocking project in conjunction with Homarus, research and development subsidiary of the [...]
Valorēs led a Canada-wide project on the development of aquaculture and the profitable marketing of Arctic char in Canada. This species of salmonid, present especially in the [...]
Prevent diabetes and possibly reduce obesity with herring milt. These are the findings of an article by Dr. Jacques Gagnon published on August 3 in Marine Drugs, a [...]
Populations and municipalities along coastal areas are increasingly concerned about climate change and the Valorēs Research Institute plays a leading role in developing [...]
In your opinion, what are the most important challenges that VALORES has to face? Daniel Blanchard : I think our most important resource is our people. We have a young, [...]