For the industry

Problems solving

Valorēs counts on a team of scientists and technicians who methodically analyze your problems producing practical solutions allowing you to improve your yields, to innovate by using new products, or to make your operations more sustainable.

Process review

Does your production line offer optimal performance? Is your percentage of losses too high? Can you recover and use a larger portion of production residue to make new products? An analysis of the processes can reveal wastes of energy, of raw materials which can represent significant costs for your company.

Good practices

Analyzing and reviewing your processes is a logical approach to make your operations more efficient. Whether it is a question of safety, proper use of products, or questions of sufficient rates, Valorēs can help you make your operations more efficient.

For communities

Climate change adaptation program

Valorēs helps municipalities adapt to climate change.

The PA Adaptation Project is a regional project, developed by one of our teams, which aims to identify and implement measures to reduce the current and future impacts of erosion and coastal flooding in communities at risk in the Acadian Peninsula.

Service Offered:

  • Creation and implementation of climate adaptation plans 

Environmental review, data collection

Valorēs offers technical and scientific services to companies of all types aiming for sustainable development. We support you in the methodical collection of data to allow you to make an honest portrait of your environmental situation to lead to an action plan.

Services Offered:

  • Flood zone analysis service
  • Municipal feasibility studies for adaptation plans
  • Environmental impact study 

Sustainable development workshops

Valorēs can assist you in the preparation of awareness workshops for both your employees and the public. 

Services Offered:

  • Awareness of sustainable development
  • Support to producers for the use of organic agricultural inputs or non-chemical minerals
  • Assessment of greenhouse gases

For associations

Valorēs, through its vocation in sustainable development, wishes to support public awareness efforts and support various organizations by providing access to reliable and verifiable scientific information. 

We occasionally participate in educational events, and we offer environmental impact assessment services.