Managing Climate Change

Stratégie d'adaptation

Populations and municipalities along coastal areas are increasingly concerned about climate change and the Valorēs Research Institute plays a leading role in developing solutions to deal with these changes. 

According to Dr. Marion Tétégan Simon, Scientific Research Director at Valorēs, “through several partners including the Commission des services Régionaux de la Péninsule acadienne (CSR-PA) and various communities and organizations, our institution has been involved in the majority of projects related to adaptation to climate change in the Acadian peninsula. Initiated by Dr. Mélanie Aubé, several projects funded by the Environmental Trust Fund have enabled Valorēs to support more than ten towns / villages in their efforts to identify and implement measures to reduce the impacts of current and future climate change. In a broader sense, our support for communities on the Acadian peninsula is mainly in the areas of protection, restoration, sustainable development, conservation, but also public education. "

We don't just observe, we put science to work and we explore with municipalities the most effective techniques to stabilize the banks and inform the population about the potential risks in terms coastal erosion and flooding. 

Valorēs general manager Daniel Blanchard

Indeed, Valorēs has - among other things - developed models to assess the speed of coastal erosion and the risks of flooding caused by the rise in sea levels.

For Benjamin Kocyla, of the CSR-PA, the Environmental Trust Fund allows, thanks to the team of researchers at Valorēs, to develop greater expertise at home to deal with a problem that is constantly getting worse. 

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