VALORĒS and Homarus, Investing in Marine Sciences

Since 2003, the VALORĒS Research Institute has been working on a lobster hatchery and stocking project in conjunction with Homarus, research and development subsidiary of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union. Thus, female lobsters caught by fishermen are placed in tanks and produce thousands of larvae reared in optimal conditions up to a size allowing them to be released into the sea.

Interview with Daniel Blanchard

In your opinion, what are the most important challenges that VALORES has to face?

Daniel Blanchard : I think our most important resource is our people. We have a young, dynamic and motivated team. In our field of activity, it is important to value scientific rigour from the start to the end of the work chain. We need to clearly define our objectives, repeat them often and communicate how, together, this team of about fifty employees can face challenges and develop creative, useful and practical solutions for the industry.